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Foil Sealer Project Pack [SK58906-IA]

The Project pack is a complete pack of gasket sealer ( x4 ), gun, release agent, tape and instructions - all you need to complete a foil gasket job. The pack should contain more material than required for a typical job. On completion of the job you send back what you dont use and we send you a refund. Simple and comprehensive. A price list of the packs contents are included in each pack. There is a fixed fee of £10 for the pack to cover the gun and free items. Free items include small quantities of gloves and tape. All consumable's in the pack are new and unopened, the dispensing gun may have been preused. Please note that there is no macsil included in the pack, please order this seperatly.

Item Quantity Price
Foil sealer 4 152
Gun 1 62
Mix tubes 10 14
Masking tape 1 3
Parcel tape 1 3
Latex gloves 20 2
Gun hire and disposables 1 18
Total 1 254


Instruction Pack