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Foil Sealer [80403-IA]

We have used the shock foil gasket sealer for a number of years. Originally we used an alternative material which whilst working well did not offer the same ease of use that this 2 part polyurethane does.

It is thixotropic meaning that it is already thickened to a consitency that allows it to sit around the foils with out making a tight seal.

It comes in cartidge form, the two parts mixing in the supplied tubes using a specific gun. It sets within an hour, although we recommend longer and using the Macsil release agent the foils release very easily.

We offer a number of options with this product, buy individual tubes, mixing tubes and dispensing guns or recieve a pack.

The Macsil rerlease agent is by far the best release agent that we have tried to use. Not only does it do a very good job as a release agent but we also find it to be one of the best lubricants available.

We use it on all the moving parts on the moth and items such as the turnbuckles on the 49er.

Please note that we can not ship macsil out of the uk. If you order macsil or a foil pack with a shipping address outside the uk we will not send it. We hope to have a stockist in mainland europe in the near future.


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