About Us

Our Philosophy

Keep It Simple Stupid.

Every thing we do is aimed at simplicity, we lack large resources so are making the best use of what is available.

We have tried to keep purchasing our products as simple as possible, our new website ( this one ) is a further development of our previous sites

If you are reading this then you must be interested in what it is all about, here is a brief history of ' SHOCK '

Our History

Literally brief! Really it all began after the Sydney Olympics where we had made a few items such as a carbon compass bracket for use on the 49er.
During the campaign for Athens this continued with more brackets and carbon trapeze handles, the foot straps taking quite a while to come to fruition. Towards the end of the Athens campaign the foot straps were attracting a lot of attention, it seemed time to turn the idea into production.
It has now been ten years since the first foot straps hit production and these can be seen on boats from F18 and Tornado's, Musto skiffs to I14's, 18 foot skiffs, 29ers and of course the 49er. We have since developed a number of new products, expanded our range of brackets and recently we have added a range of tiller extensions, carbon tube and off course a few years ago the shock trapeze harness was launched, as we expand our services we can now offer custom fitted harness's as well as a growing range of bags, covers and sail repairs. Slowly we are turning into a one stop shop for all your sailing needs.


Who Are We

Shock is a play on my name, Simon Hiscocks, I started making odd bits pretty much as described above and this is a continuation of that.

Call Simon on 07771890056

Our work address is Shock Sailing, L4 Navigator Park, Osprey Quay, Portland, Dorset. DT5 1FU

See our contact page for more information

e mail simon@shocksailing.com