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Customised Tiller Extensions

Build your own Customised tiller or just order a length of tube. From £48.4 per meter.

Please read our guide to choosing this product;

Quantity - Firstly please choose how many you require this indicates the quantity and not the length so if you would like one 2.5 meter tiller extension please choose 1. 

Diameter - This selects the outside diameter.

17mm od tube is a thin tiller extension and should use high modulus (selected in materials later) in lengths over 1.5 meters.

20.5mm is our most popular model. The 22mm has an id of 20mm and is perfect for the Moth.

The 25mm is for larger hands, as used by Giles Scott to dominate the Finn class.

Finish - Standard is wrapped gloss finish. We do not stock the spiral peel ply grip and there may be a delay in supply for this product.

Handle - Choose from nothing, a black plastic end cap, a chunky foam handle or a colour coordinated diamond pattern grip. The diamond grip adds approx 2 mm to the diameter.

Length - As self explanatory as you wish. Please let us know in the notes section of the order if you would like any of the parts supplied loose or if you wish to further customise your length please specify the exact length you wish to receive, this does require ordering the next size up!

Material - Three choices, 100% carbon this is the default setting, Kevlar hybrid or high modulus. We only stock High Modulus in 17mm and reccommend this option for any length over 1.5 meters in the 17mm.

Universal Joint - Perhaps the most important customisation available, please ask if the part you require is not there, we are adding stock of parts all the time.



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